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The Squad: Season 1 | Battle Royale Compilation (Fortnite Animation) | ArcadeCloud - Gamer WritingGamer Writing

The Squad: Season 1 | Battle Royale Compilation (Fortnite Animation) | ArcadeCloud

The Squad: Season 1 | Battle Royale Compilation (Fortnite Animation) | ArcadeCloud

Relive the entire first of the Original Squad in their first drop together into Fortnite: Battle Royale all in one video. From trying on new skins and dances, to facing off against John Wick and building their way to a Victory Royale. Look back at all the new updates from Season 1 to Season 5 of our STILL current favorite video game Fornite, just as Season 6 is starting.

Keep an eye out for the return of the OG Squad in Season 2.

Original Fortnite Animation | The Squad ENTIRE Season 1 | Arcade Cloud

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YouTube Guest says:

That a cool fortnite episode

CamZacy XD says:

how is it season 1 but theres john wick

Patty Rico says:

14:02 u do that tanner like if u agree

abel puente says:

1 like if you rember moisty mire

Jordan Lawton says:

Kwebblekop reacted to this

Danielle Hernadez says:

Some defaults are really good! At Fortnite

Odin Austad says:

Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

Gabe Karl says:

I miss moisty mire

Jainik Gorania says:


Lisa Bruns says:

you should post more videos

malik samir says:

This is awesome

Gaming Jayden says:

7:30 tanner become patrick

Rowan Miller says:

mobile players do not get squad wipe after squad wipe

Michael Kinvig says:

I thought he was Jon Wik

Halo I’m stuck in a pallet says:

Oh that’s the bus driver oh no no

Mad Sharkz says:

I keep watching this I love it

Hugh Hyndman says:

lol she got my self I would comet and it has been a bell and

Elwira Stegierska says:


MLAUS says:

Who voiced ramirez

Stoopid Dumb dumb boy says:

2 thumbs up I need more now and this is funny

dabezt 12375 says:

I wish it was that easy to get vbux

dabezt 12375 says:

16:22 75 east isnt possible in america at least, odd numbered highways go north and south, even goes east and west

TwoJ's says:

Tilt me towers…

Why was Ryan Leaf Drafted? says:

8:06 did anyone else notice that dusty depot was in the background but then ran into dusty divot

Haunted says:

so do i really get vbucks after winning the game?

Reji Hiru says:

Why y’all come at Chicago like that tho 💀💀💀

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