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Run Tiger – Time Attack Event [August 2019] – Stage 3 [24:00.75]

The all-new Captain Tsubasa mobile game is now available! Pick your favourite players, create your own unique dream team, and battle it out against other users from around the world! Incredible Special Skills for that authentic “Captain Tsubasa” experience! Tsubasa Ozora’s Drive Shot… Kojiro Hyuga’s Tiger Shot… All the different special skills from the original […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Heroes – Xu Chu the Tiger Fool

While many of the major characters in Total War: Three Kingdoms are highborn nobles and court officials, there are some who have risen to their positions from the lowest rungs of the social ladder. Many peasants and bandits fought for the Yellow Turban rebellion. However, there were also peasants who fiercely fought against them, and […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Heroes – Sun Jian, the Tiger of Jiangdong

When gamers get their hands on Total War: Three Kingdoms in a few weeks’ time, they’ll be able to choose between eleven different playable heroes in the game’s campaign. (The twelfth hero, Dong Zhuo, must be unlocked first.) These Total War: Three Kingdoms heroes range from lesser-known figures like Kong Rong and Gongsun Zan to […]