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Just Dance 2018 - Swish Swish - Gamer WritingGamer Writing

Just Dance 2018 – Swish Swish

Just Dance 2018 – Swish Swish

“Swish Swish” está disponível no Just Dance 2018!

Plataforma: Xbox One


Twitter: @arthurfelipebr

Instagram: @arthurfelipebr


Snapchat: arthurfelipe28



Jeremiah Vashchenko says:

♥ Powerful shit! Swish swish bish ! =P It's fun masterpiece 🙂 Another one in the basket :).♥

Jeon Jungkook says:

/( )/
! !


que baile mas cool

Ismael gamer pro says:

Like si bailaste el 11 del 11

vivi white says:

Algún dia recordare este baile dentro de 10 o 20 años :3

Deegan Lear says:

2:06 keep looking FLOSS!!!!

zLuisitho says:

Like si quieres que sale Make dem en JUST DANCE 2018 😮 :,D

zLuisitho says:


Jordan S says:

i can do it without looking

Maira Montealegre says:

Me encanta just dance en el colegio cooperativo venecia lo bailamos

Plisk_Khomp says:


i Danty says:

This is the worst thing ever people are putting people to dance angai st their knwolegde

Shate Gordon says:

I watch it everyday

jean rock says:

Best hair wip ever 1:07

Laura Liliana says:

(• _ •)
( )
! !

Laura Liliana says:

(• _ •)
( )
! !

Laura Liliana says:

(• _ •)
/( / )
! !

Laura Liliana says:

(• _ •)
/( / )
! !

luis quispe pumatay says:

soy cabro y me gustan los penes de negros quiero que me rompan el culo

beig30 pachi says:

Yassss serving voguee😂😂😂😂😂😂

Mister Jaroslav says:

Have not seen this before. So nice. Like!

Anime Dragon says:

they played this during my school dance and when they started flooding everybody screamed

Кузя Ёпт says:

Свиш свиш биш
Энозер уан ин зе баскет.хД

joão Gamer says:

I love this song, it's my favorite

Ninouche Khattou says:

(• • )
/( / )
| |

Fathimath Saeeda says:

Pls do on ordinary girl or ooh ooh

Vika_Sas 1003 says:

Здесь русские есть?)

Amaniiskittenlover says:

They did the floss

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