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Hades Is Due For Yet Another Big Update Next Week - Gamer WritingGamer Writing

Hades Is Due For Yet Another Big Update Next Week

Hades Is Due For Yet Another Big Update Next Week

As Supergiant Games’ burgeoning new title Hades continues its growth in early access fans have been treated to a host of new content from the developer. From more tracks on Darren Korb’s astounding soundtrack to additional characters, the Chaos Update expanded on the title in a major way. Now Supergiant has taken to Twitter to announce the impending release of their next major update for Hades.

Another Massive Update Is Heading To Hades

Supergiant Games took to Twitter recently to announce yet another huge update for Hades. The roguelike hack and slash sees players make their way through the underworld as Hades’ son Zagreus, and has enjoyed a positive critical reception upon its in-progress release, as well as an active and thriving community of players seeking to help Supergiant expand on the game. Their first early access game has been a successful use of the experimental format so far, as the rollout of content has been satisfyingly steady.

Not eager to let their game fall by the wayside and be forgotten like too many early access brethren, their latest untitled update is a bit of a mystery. As with their previous tweet regarding the Chaos Update, a silhouetted figure can be seen against a purple background. The enigmatic update, coming to the game next week, is sure to bring just as much to the game as the Chaos Update did. In addition to simple balancing tweaks entire new characters like Primordial Chaos were added, as well as whole new levels of the underworld to explore.

The developer has challenged fans to guess just who the feature character could be. Although the silhouette is unique, it certainly doesn’t give much away in regards to the big secret. The answer to this little puzzle is just one of the many reasons to tune into Hades’ future tweaks and additions. Supergiant Games is set to release more information when the update hits the early access game on February 12.

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