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Can You WIN WITHOUT LANDING? in Fortnite Battle Royale - Gamer WritingGamer Writing

Can You WIN WITHOUT LANDING? in Fortnite Battle Royale

Can You WIN WITHOUT LANDING? in Fortnite Battle Royale



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LazarBeam says:

accidentally uploaded the wrong footage before LOL

B L says:

why couldn't Elliot stay on the ground to help and put down launch pads

The official funhouse says:

Did anyone else realize that lazorbeam got killed by Ellendegenerous

Gavin McCabe says:


Gavin McCabe says:

I'm a girl lazerbeam

Sarah Roberson says:

want to here a joke my brother told why isn`t this turtle whibing ,in his clasic quots

FiscalOrb says:

whose watching in season 7

Tsm_deadpool 2 says:

Fuck man lazerbeam is so creative lol

Damien Martinez says:

How about try not to touch the floor victory royal

NewEra says:

Laban is tired of playing with himself _(*_*)_/

MinesYT 10gs says:

M8 your a bloody awesome

spidey says:

I am the pro fight me in creating everything

spidey says:

The soon you noob😂😂😂

Fire Storm says:

If it was season6 cube would make it easy

Justis Lees says:

No pues si todo es muy

Sumikko Webears says:

F that shooter guy

Ivan Rasic says:

Fortnite = Minecraft

Think about it…

Both Have fighting

Both have creative mode

Both r online games

So… yea

ThornTheLazyKid says:

Use code lazerbeam

Owen Logan says:

Season 7 anyone

Game Master says:

9:52 he said his face cam died he never even had face cam in the vid

Trey Clin e vlogs says:

Hey u 13k people who disliked fuck you son of a birch

Aliyah December says:

There is not only boys that see ur vids there are girls tooooooo

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